Deadline to Create Your Own Menu is Noon (12:00 p.m.) on Friday

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Getting started is easy! Sign-up, chose a meal plan, and enjoy healthy nutritious food delivered to your door or available for pick-up at our Springfield or Edwardsville location.

5-Day Basic Plan ($140-150) =  20 meals/week (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack - designed for discipline)

5 Day Lunch+Dinner ($80-100wk) =  10 meals/week (lunch & dinner)

5-Day Dinner Only ($45-55/wk) =  5 meals/week

7-Day Basic Plan ($160-170/wk) =  28 meals/week (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack-designed for discipline)

7-Day Lunch+Dinner ($110-120/wk) =  14 meals/week

7-Day Dinner Only ($60-70/wk) =  7 meals/week

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Getting started is easy

Just Right Eating

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