Is there an order deadline?

When you order our meals or sign-up for a meal plan, your first order delivers the following week. Orders need to be placed by 12:00pm on Friday, in order to receive meals the next week. 

What is the refund policy?

We understand ordering mistakes can happen, so please email us or call if there was a mistake you made when ordering. Any orders that are cancelled after 10:00pm on Friday cannot be refunded. 


When do I receive my food delivery?

Tuesday, you will receive meals for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Friday, you will receive meals for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Because our weekly meals come in two deliveries, it's important when doing our Create Your Own Menu option, to order the foods you want, for the specific delivery date you want. For our default menu option, we deliver the food based on the menu days. 


Can I pick up my food? When can I pick my food up?

You can pick up between 10-6 Monday - Thursday, 10-5 Friday and 10-2 Saturday. Arrangements can be made if you need to pick up outside of those hours.


When do you deliver?

Tuesday, you will receive meals for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Friday, you will receive meals for Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.


Where will you deliver?

We deliver to your home, work, or other established location. We can also place in garage fridge or other convenient location.


What time will my food be delivered?

Specific delivery time varies and depends on your address. After your first few deliveries, that time does not work for you, we will make it as convenient as possible for you to receive your delivery.


Do I need to refrigerate my food and what ingredients do you use?

Your meals are delivered by our very own drivers (unless you are outside our 30 mile radius, and you choose "shipping"). The food is transported directly to you, from our commercial kitchen, in a refrigerated van that stays below 41 degrees. It’s then left on your doorstep in a cooler with ice packs. You will be responsible for keeping the ice bag frozen and in the cooler on delivery day.
Food absolutely must be refrigerated within 2 hours if left in a cooler. 
Please refrigerate everything! This includes all meals, muffins, breads, etc. Most meals do not contain preservatives therefore they may spoil sooner than store bought food. Just Right Eating is not responsible or liable for any food once it is delivered to you.
If you are home around the time of your drop off or within 2 hours, you should be fine. However, there are some precautions we can take if you aren't available during our delivery times. We can make reasonable arrangements with you like putting the food in your garage refrigerator or allowing you to provide a larger cooler with additional ice bags left in an area of the house out of direct sunlight. We will ensure our meals are delivered fresh to you, but also want you to properly store them to enjoy for many days. Please message us directly to discuss accommodation options.


Can I recycle the empty packages?

I would encourage everyone to recycle. We do our part on our end, but we would be extremely happy if you recycle your containers on your end : )


Is the food frozen?

Not at all, it’s as fresh as it comes. Eat salads and seafood first to preserve freshness, and make sure you keep everything refrigerated.


How do I know how many calories to order or what type of meal plan?

You can fill out our simple health questionnaire and we will calculate daily calories to match your goals. Nutrition is not one-size fits all, so we are here to help you through the process of matching the right meal plan that meets your needs. 


Is this diet food? 

No we are not a diet food company. We offer high quality natural foods that are in the right portions and right balance for your goals whether you’re an athlete, an individual desiring weight loss, an individual looking for convenience and nutrition or need to manage or prevent disease. Our meals come pre-prepared bi-weekly. 


Do you accommodate food restrictions?

We do. We can accommodate most food restrictions. At this time we offer, gluten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, lactose & dairy free, all food are low-sodium, heart healthy and diabetic beneficial.


Who are some of the clients who are on your meal plans?

Weight loss, athletes, diabetics, individuals that desire convenience and nutrition, and individuals that desire to prevent or manage disease. Our customers are all different ages, physical abilities, etc. 


Is there a variety?

We offer a variety of foods each week. We are frequently incorporating new items.


What results will I see? 

That depends on how committed you are to staying with the meals and if you meet your calorie deficit. I send you a copy of what you will see if you stick with the meals.


What kinds of things will I experience with a healthy meal plan?

Weight loss, reduced body fat, heart health, build muscle, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, regulate glucose levels, save time, convenience, stress free, look great, feel great, perform better, live longer, and experience a better quality of life. Our meals are delicious and convenient, so you may experience some slight happiness from that alone :) 


Are the meals diabetic and/or heart healthy?

Yes, all foods are low-glycemic and are derived from natural sugars such as fresh fruit, sucanat, light agave, maple sugar flakes, fresh vegetables, lean proteins, complex carbs, fiber, and healthy fats.


What are the store hours and where are you located?

Monday-Thursday 10-6, Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-2

We are located at:   3047 Hedley Rd, Springfield, IL 62704