JRE Weight Loss Explained

Individuals use Just Right Eating for several different reasons.  Not everyone uses it for weight loss, purposes include athletic performance, nutrition and convenience, managing and preventing disease, and other miscellaneous purposes. However, if used for weight loss there is one simple, scientific premise surrounding weight loss – energy balance, or in other words, consumption vs. expenditure.

There are a millions of different diets out there, but it all boils down to consumption vs. expenditure and one that you can commit to and value. 

Here at Just Right a nutritionist has designed a 7 day menu including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.  This menu has the proper balance of percentages of complex cho’s, lean proteins, and healthy fats - the appropriate amount of sodium, vitamins, and minerals – that’s why it’s called Just Right……

The great thing about JRE is that we also give you choices that fit your lifestyle and those are the flex programs – the 5 and 7 day dinner only and the 5 and 7 day lunch and dinner.  These are offered at 300 and 450 calorie amounts.  Your lifestyle, goals, and recommended calories for weight loss will dictate which calorie portion you do.

For example, if you are on lunch and dinner 300 calories and are trying to stay at 1200 calories a day you are getting 600 from us so you want to take the other 600 and amortize throughout the rest of the day.  For example, spreading them out with a breakfast and (1-2) 150 calories snacks leaving 300 for breakfast.

If you are on a basic program which is breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack Stephanie will have retrieved information from your health form such as BMR, daily activity, exercise activity and come up with an appropriate calorie point that will get you to your goals.  You will receive all the calories you need within those 4 meals.  If you need 1200 calories to lose weight then on this program you will get 1200.  You won’t need to grocery shop, plan, or stress about what to eat.

If you are on a dinner only then you will have to supplement the rest of your meals.  For example if you are on trying to stick with 1200 calories a day and you are doing the 5 day dinner only at 300 calories then you will want to map out the other 900 calories through your day in breakfast, lunch and snack.

Optimally, all meals should be balanced and nutrient dense. 

Another special thing about JRE is that our items align with many different diets.  If you husband, wife, best friend, mother, father, etc… want to try a diet, but don’t want to do the work look us up!  We have the meals for you!

Nutrition is not the easiest to understand, but I have 30 years in the industry and would be delighted to help you get on track and reaching your goals, overcoming triggers, practicing awareness and anything else related to nutrition and exercising and living the life you deserve! 

All you have to do is reach out to me @ sjfitnesstraining@yahoo.com and we’ll make it happen.  We can meet on phone, via e-mail, or in person.