Steps to Success

If you’re going to do it, DO IT

If we don’t do something with intention then we probably aren’t going to succeed. It runs parallel to anything we aspire to do whether it is our education, career, or become more financially fit. For most of the things we accomplish in life we can’t quit we must keep moving forward taking one step at a time. When we get through to the other side we’ll be happy we did. Like they say, “nothing worth having is easy.” Stay focused on what you want and see it until the end.

Money is NOT the issue

It’s a proven fact that purchasing meals from Just Right eating is economical. When we opened JRE we deeply researched the cost of food, how much food an individual buys and inevitably throws away, the gas and time it takes to shop, the preparation time, dining out, the stress of not knowing what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat causes a great deal of stress and eventually causes us to become frustrated and want to give up, and not to mention the cost of insurance if you are not a healthy individual. Individuals spend a lot more on all the factors involved than it costs to receive meals from Just Right Eating. After many years of helping people I’m certain that this saves money, time and trouble. If you ever question that start calculating your receipts, your time, stress, health and compare it to the ease and convenience of being successful with Just Right Eating.

Food is Fuel

Here at Just Right Eating we regard food as fuel. It’s not for comfort, it’s meant to help you lose weight, prevent and manage disease, provide you with good nutrition, and/or provide you with a convenience that may include all of the aforementioned purposes. When you consistently eat healthy and in the right amounts your body functions better and your machine (body) begins to work efficiently. When it’s time to eat have a positive attitude and think of your food is fuel. Go to your fridge and eat your meal with determination. You will feel better when you stick to your goals and when you’re finished with your “good” meal you will be full, satisfied, and in control of what you eat and your health. There is no better feeling.

Make it a Priority

Starting to eat healthy, becoming more financially fit, stopping a habit, embarking on a new career or next chapter in your life you must make it a priority. Sure, there are always going to be days that you don’t do as well as others, but let’s try and change our attitudes and behaviors and get it right on the next meal or the next day. Anything we do needs to take priority. When we do this we are accomplished and it actually overflows into other areas of our lives.

Don’t Focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have

Any habit or change in our lives is going to take a positive outlook. When you want change in our lives we’re going to have to make some sacrifices or tweaks in how we presently do things. Having remorse because we can’t have Hooter’s buffalo is not going to propel us into healthy habits. I definitely don’t advocate deprivation so that’s why I created a healthy version of buffalo that is devoid of the saturated fat and sodium. I put a positive spin on an unhealthy option. Giving our bodies what it was designed to have to function properly is a blessing and we should be grateful for the good things that we are putting in our bodies.

Weekend Wrecker

The weekend seems to be a time for most people to undo what they have done during the week causing roller coaster type behavior. You may intend to splurge on only one meal, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t happen like that. One “cheat” meal perpetuates into another cheat meal….and another and by the time the weekend is over you’re ready to throw in the towel. A 2014 study in the journal Obesity found that people who ate 30% more food than they needed over a 2-day period experienced more cravings and hunger on subsequent days than those who took in a quantity of calories closer to their daily energy requirements (Apolzan et al. 2014). It takes more effort to reel yourself in on Monday than to keep focused over the weekend. On Monday you’re less inclined to be mindful of your healthy meals and more inclined to appeal to the all or nothing approach, but we can change that. This takes going back to doing this with determination, making it a priority, and having a positive approach.

The all or nothing approach

The all or nothing approach is when if we can’t do it all then we are going to quit. This can be a very destructive approach. Finding a happy medium would be a better approach. The antidote to all-or-nothing thinking is an 80/20 approach that lets you strive to make healthy choices 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time allows for intentional treats and missed exercise bouts and makes provisions for unintended splurges. At the end of the day don’t give up on yourself.

An 80/20 approach can be effective only when you successfully let go of thinking that perfection is necessary (or even possible) for weight loss and weight maintenance learn how to give yourself “real,” or guilt-free, permission to include portions of treats their weight loss programs develop a recovery plan to rebound quickly from their slips, by “letting go” of a slip when it happens and avoiding subsequent feelings of guilt and negativity. I didn’t lose as much weight as I thought I would this week; this program is not working, I’m not seeing results

Minimizing accomplishments makes you feel lousy. “This is the type of perfectionist thinking that increases stress and makes it more likely that you will give up.” Says Lombardo, psychologist and author of Better than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush your Inner Critic and Create a Life you Love. Make a conscious effort to give yourself positive affirmation. Say something like, “I’m really proud of myself for sticking with this program.”

Giving up before you see results has to do with your self-esteem, says Coral Arvon, Ph.D., director of behavior medicine at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami “You’re giving yourself an excuse to give up.” Change takes time. Give yourself time, says Arvon. If you don’t think it’s working for you ask yourself if you’re working for IT. Sometimes getting in contact with Stephanie will help with different approaches to your struggles and situations.

Quitting is NOT an option

I saw this at the gym the other day and I wanted to share it with you. “this is a process, quitting just prolongs the process.” Many clients that participate in Just Right Eating participate for the long term in some way shape or form whether it’s the full menu, lunch and dinner, or dinner only are more successful than the individuals that quit before it’s time. I like to compare this with an antibiotic. Sure, after a couple of days of antibiotics we feel better, but taking it the full term will make sure that we are completely successful in taking care of the virus. I hear this a lot, “I’m doing really well and I’ve lost weight and I feel better, but I want to quit. When I ask, “do you have a plan?” The most typical response is.. “No.” This concerns me because I never want anyone to regress. I want them to succeed.

Get a Plan….do you have one?

Nobody ever had success with something, but then quit. If you’re seeing success keep rolling forward, maybe change your program and slowly introduce a new lifestyle into your life. I have written a book that helps with the preparation of that as well as helping you plan your days so that you’re prepared and don’t find yourself empty handed with only bad choices at your fingertips. Sometimes it may take a little work, not much, but you’ll be grateful you did. Without preparation and follow through it’s tough to succeed.

Everybody has something

Everyone has some issue that keeps them from optimizing the program. It can range from non-compliance to forgetting to take the food with you, but nobody can help you overcome the issue unless you communicate and are mindful of your behaviors. I have experienced soooo many struggles when eating right, keeping a healthy weight, and living a healthy lifestyle. I’m still not a stranger to the struggles. I have them every day. I want to overcome them so I try to understand why it’s a struggle and ways to overcome that make sense and that will work for me. I’m here to do that with you too so, please, if you recognize you have a struggle, don’t give up, reach out and let me try and help you.

Excuses, excuses, excuses

You are stronger than any excuse and you‘re going to recognize that. Combat those inner justifications by recognizing that most of them are excuses. Sure, we deserve a cheat meal, but does it need to end up as a cheat week, cheat month, cheat year? Those cupcakes are way more destructive than you lead yourself to believe, but it won’t hurt if you have a small one if you keep within reality and understand that you need to keep it to one small one and move on. This is an example of a situation I dealt with yesterday. I stopped at the Apple Barn on my way home and was eyeballing the caramel apples (btw, I haven’t had a caramel apple in years and that’s really not something I would waste calories on) anyway, instead of buying one I bought a caramel and an apple and ate the last few bites of my apple with my caramel….I’m so glad I didn’t buy that caramel apple I would have been as sick as a dog if I had and what would it have gotten me?

Adopt one of these mantras each day and practice it….Place it on your desk, look at it when you need to and try to be more mindful of it throughout the day. Use it as long as you need it, maybe a week to start changing your attitude and behavior to be more in line with your new, positive behavior then incorporate a new one.